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Stockings, as a manifestation of your femininity

It all starts with an idea. We surround ourselves with the symbols of that idea in order to remind ourselves as often as possible of what we want.

Aspiration is the first step towards accepting this idea. Until we are convinced that we deserve something, we sabotage our own opportunities for it.

When we talked about "Woman empowering women", we were basically talking about self-acceptance of each and every woman around us - of their own status and dignity, and more of the search for the qualities and uniqueness of the people around us.

Life, in general, does not need other crowns or artifices, but simply the remembrance of things that are truly deep and meaningful.

You make a small gift, or you receive a small gift that reminds you of YOU, of who you really are, beyond what the noise of the world told you, why they told you the traumas, the unpleasant experiences ...

It's not a stocking, it's an idea.

It's not a stocking, it's an impulse.

It's not a stocking, it's a mirror.

But how about trying it out and giving us feedback?

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